Torts: Auto Accident and Personal Injury, assignment help

One of your firm’s clients is John Q. Doe and his wife Jane. John was injured in an automobile accident and is currently in a coma. The firm is preparing to sue the driver of the other car if a settlement cannot be reached with the driver’s insurance company.

Your supervising attorney hands you medical records he just received and asked you to prepare a medical records summary and a short one page memo addressing any particularly helpful or harmful information you discover in your review.

John Doe Medical Records

Medical Record Template

Use the Excel template for the medical records summary. Note that the MS Word document is not as lengthy or complete as a regular medical record, which is to avoid creating too much “quantity work” for you in the assignment. Your completed Excel template should show the oldest information on the top and be in chronological order from top to bottom, not like the information supplied to you.

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