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Review the list of surveys from the handout from class on Aug 31. Choose a survey, either from this list of resources or from another source. The survey and data set you choose should be a single sample survey containing information from respondents such as individuals, households, or firms. You should not choose a data set composed of country-level aggregate data, such as the Human Development Index. Download the survey and data set documentation. Generally, this includes a document describing the design of the survey, including the sample design, a codebook containing descriptive statistics of all variables in the dataset, and a copy of the actual survey instrument. You do not have to download the actual data at this time.  

After reviewing the survey documentation, create a one-page datasheet about the survey. This should follow the format of survey descriptions from the Groves textbook in chapter 1. For example, see Table 1.1 on page 11.

Familiarize yourself on the content of the survey by looking through the codebook and the survey instrument (questionnaire). What types of research questions might you be able to answer using this survey and data set? Come up with at least three research questions. For each research question, consider the survey questions that you would use to answer the research question. You don’t have to make an exhaustive list, but just give the key variable or variables of interest (maximum 3 variables for each research question).

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