Unit 4 IP /300 Address any considerations or feedback regarding your outline for your KA

1,000-1,200 words with a minimum of 6 scholarly references

You have completed the outline for your Key Assignment (KA) and have received important feedback. You have done a great job on this outline, but you know that you need to integrate this feedback into a formal document requested by senior leadership at Matrix. Your supervisor, Annalise, has told you that this document will be your Key Assignment first draft.

The first guidance that she provides you with is to critically evaluate the feedback that you received and address issues such as the following:

  • Address any considerations or feedback regarding your outline for your KA. For example, were there any critical components that were missed in the outline?
  • Make grammatical and formatting corrections and address any APA issues.
  • Ensure that there are numerous scholarly references.

The second guidance that she provides you with is to ensure that you include information from the past 3 weeks/assignments regarding performance appraisal processes, performance appraisal types, and training needs into your Key Assignment first draft.

The third guidance that she provides you with is to continue with your research and within the Key Assignment first draft to also include the following newly researched information:

  • Compare and contrast different motivational theories.
  • Explain why motivation is a main concern during the performance appraisal process and how motivational levels can be impacted by this process.
  • Evaluate correlations between motivation and the ability to perform.
  • Identify strategies that can be used at Matrix for improving individual performance and how can these strategies reduce negative reactions to the performance appraisal process.

You will be including your detail outline and completing each of the guidance’s bullet points.

Order of your paper.

Introduction paragraph

Review the feedback that was received about your outline make corrects as this is the First Guidance steps.

Your outline should be second and if there were directions to make correction this should be completed.  (This is the second guidance- be sure to follow the bullet steps).

Third Guidance you will incorporate new steps be sure to address each of the bullets for this guidance.

Finally, you should have a conclusion paragraph linking everything together.

Use the Undergraduate Template for your assignment.

Please note that the entire assignment should be in paragraph format.

6 Scholarly sources are expected formatted to APA formatting standards.

Week 1 Guidance

Within your paper you addressed purpose and value of the performance appraisal system, components for the job description in relation to the performance appraisals system. Your advantages and disadvantages were nicely completed with finally stating the advantages for Matrix when using a performance appraisal system.  You stated a good point with the explanation that you gave for the purpose of the performance appraisal system. APA references and in-text citations were nicely completed.  Overall nice job!   Opportunities for improvement: Missing aspects- You spoke about the job description-but what about the job analysis? The accountabilities associated with a performance appraisal system  

Week 2

Strengths: You did a nice job of creating  a presentation for MIC to describe and help with learning about the different performance appraisal systems.
Opportunities for improvement: Four the first four bullet items on your similarities and difference slide which systems or system are you referencing? Four scholarly sources were not used.

Week 3 Still waiting on this one

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