Unit III Sch olarly Activity, sociology assignment help

Discuss your social self, or how you introduce yourself in social situations, in your opening paragraph.

2. Google yourself. This search will give you several arenas for your digital footprint.

a. Describe the various websites you find that you could use to learn about yourself (e.g., you might see your birth record link).

b. Discuss who manages these sites and thus is involved in the management of your presentation of self

c. To which statuses and groups do you belong? How do these affect your digital footprint?

d. In what ways can aspects of your digital footprint impact personal or professional opportunities?

3. Next, open your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other online networking site.

a. In a few paragraphs, explain how you manage your self

-presentation on these websites. Be sure to include information such as your statuses, roles, and identities that you presen

t on the sites.

b. Discuss why you chose to include those statuses, roles, and identities, but not others.

c. Explain how social structure shapes what you reveal and what you hide about yourself.

d. How does the way you are managing your self presentation online impact your personal and professional opportunities?

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