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Video Assignment

Each person will choose a video/DVD movie or television series (reruns or new) that represents a guidance concept we have discussed in class. Make sure you do not copy and paste; write summaries in your own words, and provide concrete examples of a scene or story line that portrays concepts from class. ANY PLAGIARISM = F

You will be watching a TV program like Parenthood, The Simpsons, Two and Half Men, Modern Family, Good Luck Charlie, According to Jim, Leave IT to Beaver, Family Guy or any other TV program that has a family setting. I want you to watch a couple episodes to get the main feeling about the family setting and caregiving styles, discipline techniques, environment, and background information.

Prepare a 12-15 slide PowerPoint to link the show to scholarly concept. The first few slides should have the background information about the DVD/Video TV program in case other students have not seen the program. You will link early childhood and guidance concepts to the show. The show can represent developmentally inappropriate practice as long as you provide scholarly justification.

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