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Hello, please assist with the below:

Provide a detailed post that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.  Your initial response posting on each of the topics should be 200-300 words long and include two academic sources that are properly cited.

Watch the YouTube video “Dashboard Your Scorecard” via this link:

Download and read the article “Dashboard Your Scorecard,” which you can find here:

Download the sample Excel spreadsheet used to create the digital dashboard presented in the article “Dashboard Your Scorecard” via this link:

Save the JofADashboard with the following name: JoADashboard_Your Full Name, replacing “Your Full Name” with your own name.

Download the completed digital dashboard embedded in the article, selecting either the Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 version.

Navigate to the discussion thread below and respond to the following:

Dashboard Your Scorecard Step-by-Step:

Complete each step in the Journal of Accountancy article to create a dashboard.  You are welcome to be as creative as you want (table designs, colors, and so forth) as you follow the steps to complete the dashboard. 

The article is self-explanatory and does a great job walking you through each of the steps.  There is a single noted error in the article that needs to have clarification.  Above Exhibit 8 a single sentence reads: “Now, let’s tackle the final piece of the puzzle.  Enter the function =INDEX(D24:D28,B19) in cell B20 (Exhibit 8)” (Lehman, Lehman, & Feazell, 2011, para. 26).  

However, a value is missing in the function – the one designating the list location for the representative.  Therefore, use the following function in cell B20, as is shown correctly in the formula cell in Exhibit 8: =INDEX(D24:D28,B19,1)

Use of Digital Dashboards:

Experience: Share your experience with digital dashboards, identifying whether using one is new to you or you are familiar with them.

Three Measurements: Identify at least three measurements in the balanced scorecard you completed in Workshop Five that would be ideal for placing on a digital dashboard.  For each measurement, identify a particular type of exhibit that would best display the data (bar chart, pie chart, trend chart with Sparklines, and so forth).

Additional Article Research: Locate at least one additional article on the topic of digital dashboards and summarize your learning from that article.

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