Week 8 HRM is International and the Wonders of High Performance Work Systems”

  1. List the three compensation components that make up overall compensation.
  2. What is strategic compensation and discuss when does it start?
  3. What are value bases initiatives?
  4. When it comes to benefit packages, around twenty five percent of benefits are legally required. What do they include?
  5. Social Security taxes pay for three types of benefits. What are they?
  6. What does PEST stand for?
  7. What four things do a PEST analysis helps us do?
  8. What are the four major activities for which an HR manager is responsible for?
  9. What are the complementary set of competencies HR managers need to acquire?
  10. List three major laws affecting Equal Employment Opportunity:
  11. What are the recent recruitment goals that the federal government required for firms that do business with them?
  12. Discuss what it means to have reliability and validity when it comes to gathering information about candidates for a position?
  13. What does PROPER Stand for?
  14. What is the calculation for ROI?
  15. What is Strategic Relevance?
  16. What is Criterion Deficiency?
  17. List three safeguards to implementing a 360 feedback system to ensure its maximum quality and acceptance?
  18. List three performance evaluation methods.
  19. List three factors that affect an employee’s performance?
  20. List the four phases managers can take to maximize the transfer of training?

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