What is the intl strategy of a top multinatl co. in the world over last 10 yrs?, assignment help


Due Date: Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific

Deliverable Length: 900 words excluding the ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION stated below; (numbers 1-8) and excluding 3 verifiable references. The answers for the ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION stated below must be answered per each question asked. (numbers 1-8).


-Explain the challenges of managing a diverse, globally-based workforce.

-Evaluate how various legal, political, economic, ethical, and cultural systems affect business attitudes, norms, behaviors, practices, and philosophies.

-Analyze factors that influence an industry’s potential for globalization.

-Evaluate various international, multinational, and global strategic plans.

-Develop an international, multinational, and global management plan.


Research a top multinational company in the world including its international strategy over the last 10 years. Using your research, write a report explaining its strategy, including a discussion of the following questions:

  1. How do management practices, HR policies, and strategy decisions differ between multinational companies and local companies?
  2. Identify some cultural, legal, political, and financial issues this multinational company may have based on their environment.
  3. What sort of international orientation does it have?
  4. Do you think it is ethno-, poly-, or geocentric?
  5. What were the decision factors for the locations it chose to expand in?
  6. Did it have the core capabilities to succeed in those markets?
    1. Think about its objectives, how it chose its countries, what opportunities and constraints were apparent at the time, and what it needed to do to succeed in those markets.
  7. If you were going to compete with this company what would you use as an international marketing entry strategy (licensing, franchising, exporting, joint ventures, etc.) and justify your answer
  8. Define what a value chain dispersal and integration strategy is, and then describe how the strategy is organized around it.

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