Would you be interested in this as well? Argumentative Paper ( Abortion should be a Woman’s Right to

Would you be interested in this as well?Argumentative Paper ( Abortion should be a Woman’s Right to Chose)
For this paper, you will argue one side of a debated topic. You should present your thesis in the introductory paragraph and support that thesis throughout your paper.You should convince your reader (me) to agree with your side of the debate. This means that you should present solid support for your thesis. You should also use credible sources. Do not overuse your sources!You must use a minimum of three sources.
This essay must include one book source, one database article, and one website article.
The maximum number of sources you may use for this essay is five.
You may use any credible source as long as your minimums have been met. Make sure any website article you use is credible.The text of your paper should be 70% your words and 30% source material.
Only use source material to back up your claims. A good rule of thumb is to use one quote or paraphrase per paragraph. Each quote/paraphrase should not be more than three lines long.Refer to section C1 -c AWR for help with your thesis and A2 -c for help with this paper in general. You can always ask me questions in class or through email as well.Don’t forget – you must print the pages of the cited sources that you use. This means that you need to print the page of the article that you are using and highlight the information you are citing.
For a web/database article, it’s as easy as printing the page and using a highlighter to highlight.
For a book, you need to scan the page(s) and highlight the parts you are citing.
On the back of the page you highlighted, write the MLA information down in pen. It should be written exactly as it will appear in your Works Cited list.……………Answer Preview……………
Abortion should be a Woman’s Right to Chose
Abortion has historically been a topic that is heatedly debated across the world. Many argue in support while others still think that it is ungodly. Some counties legalize it while others consider it a crime.  The varying concerns over the issue always settle to the most………………..APA670 Words Added to cart

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