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Written Assignment 4: COPA Model Assessment Synthesis
Written Assignment 4: COPA Model Assessment Synthesis – Week 8
Students Please Note: This assignment must be submitted to turnitin.com.
The Turnitin originality report MUST be submitted in PDF format. At the link below is a screenshot with instructions:Screenshot with PDF Instructions
Assignments submitted with turnitin reports in any other format will not be graded.
Reference the “Turnitin Requirement” section of the course Syllabus (or Using Turnitin for Assignments on the Topic List Page) for general instructions. Upload both your assignment and the originality report within the assignment link.
Purpose and Overview
In this assignment, you will apply the COPA model competencies and Benner’s Levels of Proficiency to five nursing experiences.
Inspect the COPA Model’s eight core competencies and sub skills. Review your reflective thinking, critical thinking, and Benner assignments to identify the COPA Model competency and sub skills that you met in the experiences you described in each of these assignments. Explain why you believe you met the competencies and sub skills you identified. Use Benner’s Stages of Clinical Competence to identify your level of proficiency in each of the five experiences you described in the three assignments. These include the: Reflective thinking experience; Critical thinking experience; and Three experiences you included in your Benner competency assessment assignment. Use Benner’s criteria to provide a rationale for the level of proficiency you believe you demonstrated in these experiences. Use theCOPA Model Assessment SynthesisAPA template for this paper. Name your file correctly (e.g.,NUR-445 Final Analysis Paper Smith). Use theAdd Submission button to submit your written assignment.

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