20 human resource questions

Evaluate Human Resource Management. Why do organizations need HR Management?

Specify the four types of Organizational Assets and why these are important to Human Capital?

List and explain four out of the seven HR management functions.

Explain how to manage a talent surplus and list the four components associated to this.

Analyze the effects of motivation. Why is it important for HR to understand motivation?

Specifically discuss the myths and realities associated to retention.

Explain the six key drivers of retention.

Evaluate retention assessment and metrics. What are the three key components? Provide an explanation of each.

Design a written description of total rewards. What are the three typical types of compensation and the percentages?

Explain Intangible, Tangible indirect and Tangible direct as it relates to the elements of total rewards.

Explain the two factors associated to Compensation Fairness and Equity.

Strategic recruiting involves:

Differentiate between Labor Markets and Recruiting.

In order to make recruiting more effective, consider the following recruiting activities:

Analyze the importance of the selection process. What are the key responsibilities?

Define and provide an example of selection criterion.

Compare and contrast reliability versus validity.

List the primary roles for HR departments

Explain the importance of exit interviews.

Compare and contrast Talent Acquisition versus Recruiting.

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