academic, professional or personal recommendation, law homework help

ALU accepts academic, professional or personal recommendations but will only accept one from the personal category.

  • If submitting a personal recommendation, the second LOR must be from the academic or professional category (ALU will not accept two personal LORs).
  • LORs provide the JD Admissions Review Committee an understanding of your work, academic, or other qualifications that demonstrate your work ethic, analytical skills, personal characteristics, inspirations, and other relevant qualities.
  • The best sources for recommendations include direct mangers or supervisors, professors, or personal references who can attest for your intelligence, integrity, character, and why you will be an asset to ALU’s JD program.

Letters should include;

If professional, a clear indication of title, company and evidence of a supervisory or substantial equal position.

Personal reference can include life-long friends or co-workers but not relatives.

  • How they view your skills and abilities will apply to being an online law student.
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