Article Critiques 1 | Nursing School Essays

The assignment is to be written in at least 5 pages including the citation page.
Article Critiques: This syllabus includes a reading list, In addition to reading articles for class you are to critique 2 of the articles (use a different area of focus for each critique). You are to use the following format: summary of article, facts that support the preceding, faulty or biased reasoning (specific to research) and personal conclusions plus citations. Label each section. Single spacing is fine. Your personal, critical analysis is most important. Please separate each section of the preceding. 20 points each. Late? 5 points off per day

Articles graded as follows: please use heading to delineate 1st 4 sections
Summary of article: 6 points
Facts that support the preceding (included in above)
Faulty or biased reasoning: 4 points
Personal conclusions: 8 points

* Merino, S. Contact with gays lesbians and same-sex marriage support: The moderating role social context. Social Science Research. 2013.
* Duschinsky, R., Chachamu, N. Sexual dysfunction and paraphilias in the DSM-5: Pathology, heterogeneity, and gender. Feminism & Psychology. 2013. 23(1): 49-55.
* Ramsey S, Sweeney C, Fraser M, Oades G. Pubic hair and sexuality: A review. Journal of Sexual Medicine. 2009;6:2102-2110
* Eisenberg ME, Ackard DM, Resnick MD, Neumark-Stainer D. Casual sex and psychological health among young adults: Is having “friends with benefits” emotionally damaging? Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. 2009;41(4):231-237

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