ATP Week 4 Power Point Presentation

Group Project Presentation on Nursing Theorist
Theorist: Patricia Benner: from Novice to Expert, Skill acquisition Model. 
Your group presentation on the selected nursing theorist is due this week and has two parts. By the due date assigned, collaborate with your group members and collate the project-related work that you have done from Weeks 1–4, and submit your group project in the prescribed format as noted below.
Your Project Deliverables include the following: Packet of MaterialsA packet of materials should be posted to the Discussion Area for peer critique and submitted to the Submissions Area. The packet should include a detailed outline of the PowerPoint presentation and a one-page summary of each of five relevant articles on or about the theory and at the top of the page should have the complete reference in APA format. It should also include any handouts, such as charts, diagrams, or definitions, which will facilitate understanding of the PowerPoint presentation and the theory itself. PowerPoint PresentationYour PowerPoint presentation should be uploaded to the appropriate Discussion Area section of for this week. Your presentation should have: A brief overview of the theorist’s background. Discussion of the theorist’s view of the four basic concepts of the nursing metaparadigm and two other concepts unique to the theory The basic theoretical assertions or propositions. An analysis and a critique of the model with a focus on elaboration of the theory’s implications for nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing research.
By the end of the week, evaluate at least two peer group presentations making use of the criteria provided in the Peer Presentation Review Checklist Template.

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