Autobiography, Writing homework help

Students are asked to reflect on how they have become who they are and compose a brief but well-organized autobiography. We are not looking for a chronological history of your life, but rather an analytical and reflective review of the influences and factors which have shaped who you are.

Some questions to consider exploring include: What is your family history? What are your family traditions and customs? How have these factors influenced your life and perceptions of leadership? When was the first time you realized your leadership potential? Who and what experiences have influenced your values and philosophies? How have mentors and critical incidents in your life transformed you?

I can give you some of my information: I am from VietNam, Asian student, my family has a VietNamese traditional which almost like chinese traditional, my father is a business man he manages his resort in my hometown (PhuQuoc island), and my mother is a housewife, I am a only child in my family. My father is the most person affect me on my leadership skill.

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