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1) Look for two articles on the web that seem to support your innovative business idea. Write a one page paper on how these articles seem to support why your innovative idea will work. (use APA style for references)

2) Look for an article from a periodical or magazine. Write a one page paper on why this article seems to support why your innovative idea will work. (use APA style for references)

You need to write one page for each question, so you need to find and write about the three articles related to the business idea. And you need to write how these articles support the business idea

Below is my business idea

My business Idea: Digitized tour firm

Brief description of my innovative business idea:

My business idea is to come up with a tour firm that will be involved in making arrangements for tourist from all walks of life. This will be digitized in so as to cover the rest of the countries hence a wide customer base.

My idea works in today’s current business trends because….

My idea works today only that it is still in a trial phase.

My product is in the trial phase of the product life cycle. I think I will be able to compete, because I will use these tactics to grow my business:

  1. Reach as many people as possible
  2. Have a great relationship with world’s tourist destination.
  3. Employ the best technology available
  4. Strive towards achieving my goals with an open mind

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