Business Paper

Read ”Managing Transformation at National Computer Operations” at the end of Chapter 3 of your textbook. ATTACHED

Read at least two scholarly articles that address organization redesign generally, or at NCO specifically.

Write a paper of approximately 750 words that answers the following questions:

    • What changes in functions or technical activities are needed in order for NCO to achieve its change design? What changes in responsiveness to the market are needed? How are these two issues related to one another in this company?
    • Would you characterize the current organization of the company as functional or divisional or a matrix of both? Support your answer with evidence from the case study. How will this structure need to shift in order to support the desired changes?
    • What positive and negative effects on employee behavior do you perceive given the current organizational structure? What specific changes to employee behavior do you expect to see as the structure changes, and why?
    • Draft a proposed pay-for-performance compensation for a mid-level manager in the sales division of NCO. Be specific about what types of compensation will be used (base, commission, bonus, stock options, awards, etc.), in what percentages, and when they will be awarded. What specific behaviors do you expect to reinforce via this payment plan?

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