Business Plan, management homework help

Must use the homework template to complete this assignment. I have also enclosed the previous reports you may need to complete this assignment.

Detail :
  • Write your business plan by following the following instructions:
    • Revise your previous weekly assignments based on your instructor’s feedback.
    • Include the following revised sections in your business plan:
      • Vision and Mission Statement
      • Business and Industry Profile
      • Business Strategy
      • Company Products and Services
      • Marketing Strategy
      • Funding Sources
  • Complete your business plan by creating the following additional sections of your business plan, in approximately 750 words:
    • Location and Layout
      • What is your chosen location?
      • What is the demographic profile of the customers?
      • What is the general proposed layout?
      • How will you comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?
    • Competitor Analysis
      • Who are the competitors?
      • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
    • Plan of Operation
      • What is the form of ownership for your business idea?
      • What is the general organizational structure?
  • Include 2–4 sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, or other selections.

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