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Imagine you are a public administrator who has just been promoted to a higher position but must relocate to another city and purchase a different home. Using the five distributing bargaining skills, present the steps and various aspects you would consider implementing in buying a house. Be sure to address the following:

  1. Analyze the bargaining situation and whether or not it is distributive. If so, determine the reservation price.
  2. Present the initial offer you would make and apply bracketing to achieve your target price of $310,000.
  3. Indicate and frame the norms you would utilize in presenting your initial offer.

The Buying a House paper:

  • Must be four  double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in 

Please use references below and check grammar
  • Caverly, N., Cunningham, B., & Mitchell, L. (2006).  Reflections on public-sector based integrative collective bargaining: Conditions affecting cooperation within the negotiation process.  Employee Relations, 28(1/2), 62-76. (Document ID: 1000184341). Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

  • Colosi, T. (1983, November/December).  Negotiation in the public and private sectors:  A core model.  The American Behavioral Scientist (pre-1986), 27(2), 229-234. (Document ID: 732624991).  Please select “Full Text – PDF” on the right side of the screen. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

Carrell, M.R. & Heavrin, C. (2008).  Negotiating essentials: Theory, skills, and practices.  Upper Saddle, NJ:  Pearson Prentice Hall.  ISBN-10:  978-0-13-186866-3.

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