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Hello Jijo I am requesting your assistance once again to answer some questions for a Speech class I am now taking, I have a short deadline to be honest with you of midnight tonight which would be 10:00pm my time since im in the west, do you think you can help me if so let me know so I can send you a picture of the questions. thanks.

I have attached the file with the questions that need answering.

Thanks I hope we can work this out.

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Transportation Poserpoint Presentation

Prepare a 10 to 15 slide PowerPoint® presentation with Speaker Notes addressing the following:

  • Convoy Trucking just won a large bid with a new customer called H2Glow. The new customer is in the contaminated water business. To serve the newly acquired customer, Convoy Trucking is required to invest in new equipment and be compliant because the new contract involves intermodal transportation and transportation regulations because the water is classified as hazardous material.
  • Identify and differentiate between what types of equipment Convoy Trucking may be required to purchase to transport contaminated water by intermodal.
  • Define and analyze the regulations Convoy Trucking needs to comply with as the company begins to service the new customer by transporting and storing hazardous materials.
  • Investigate a Transportation Management System (TMS) on the Internet. Explain how TMS is beneficial for Convoy Trucking.

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Case Study Information Systems, business and finance homework help

  1. Competitive Strategy Over the Web Assignment In this case study, you will research an organization and determine how their business strategy differentiates them from other organizations in the same industry using Porter’s four competitive strategies model (p. 85). Write a one- to two-page (250-500-word) paper to include the following:
  2.  A brief explanation of Porter’s four competitive strategies.
    o A brief explanation of how competitive strategy determines value chain structure.

     Identify and discuss the competitive strategy that the organization you researched utilizes in order to differentiate them from other organizations in the same industry.

    APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.

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case Rizzuto’s Pizzeria, marketing homework help

Read the case Rizzuto’s Pizzeria (pp. 623-625 in textbook or see PDF file under Readings in Week 5 folder) and the alternative strategic and marketing responses the firm is considering. Use the three alternatives and the four questions as a starting point for thinking about the case and the proper approach. You may decide that one of the alternatives presented in the case is the best but do not feel boxed in; if you have an alternative not presented, feel free to explore it but be sure you can support it.

The basic format for the case should be an introduction and summary of the facts, an analysis of possible solutions, and a conclusion. Think of your role as a consultant hired to sort all this out and present a clear strategy to management who is paying your bill.

Your paper should be approximately five (5) pages of written work plus whatever appendices and supporting documentation you feel is necessary and useful. The case presents quite a few numbers; use them to analyze your options and support your conclusion. A paper without some numerical work is incomplete.

35. Rizzuto’s Pizzeria

Cassidy Newman, manager of the Rizzuto’s Pizzeria store in Flint, Michigan, is trying to develop a plan for the “sick” store she just took over.

Rizzuto’s Pizzeria is an owner-managed pizza take-out and delivery business with three stores located in Ann Arbor, Southfield, and Flint, Michigan. Rizzuto’s business comes from telephone, fax, or walk-in orders. Each Rizzuto’s store prepares its own pizzas. In addition to pizzas, Rizzuto’s also sells and delivers a limited selection of soft drinks.

Rizzuto’s Ann Arbor store has been very successful. Much of the store’s success may be due to being close to the University of Michigan campus. Most of these students live within 5 miles of Rizzuto’s Ann Arbor store.

The Southfield store has been moderately successful. It serves mostly residential customers in the Southfield area, a largely residential suburb of Detroit. Recently, the store advertised—using direct-mail flyers—to several office buildings within 3 miles of the store. The flyers described Rizzuto’s willingness and ability to cater large orders for office parties, business luncheons, and so on. The promotion was quite successful. With this new program and Rizzuto’s solid residential base of customers in Southfield, improved profitability at the Southfield location seems assured.

Rizzuto’s Flint location has had mixed results during the last three years. The Flint store has been obtaining only about half of its orders from residential delivery requests. Cassidy, the Flint store’s new manager, believes the problem with residential pizza delivery in Flint is due to the location of residential neighborhoods in the area. Flint has several large industrial plants (mostly auto industry related) located throughout the city. Small, mostly factory-worker neighborhoods are distributed in between the various plant sites. As a result, Rizzuto’s store location can serve only two or three of these neighborhoods on one delivery run. Competition is also relevant. Rizzuto’s has several aggressive competitors who advertise heavily, distribute cents-off coupons, and offer 2-for-1 deals. This aggressive competition is probably why Rizzuto’s residential sales leveled off in the last year or so. And this competitive pressure seems likely to continue as some of this competition comes from aggressive national chains that are fighting for market share and squeezing little firms like Rizzuto’s. For now,

anyway, Cassidy feels she knows how to meet this competition and hold on to the present residential sales level.

Most of the Flint store’s upside potential seems to be in serving the large industrial plants. Many of these plants work two or three shifts, five days a week. During each work shift, workers are allowed one half-hour lunch break—which usually occurs at 11 A.M., 8 P.M., or 2:30 A.M., depending on the shift.

Customers can order by phone, fax, e-mail, or at the Rizzuto’s website. About 30 minutes before a scheduled lunch break Rizzuto’s can expect an order for several (5 to 10) pizzas for a work group. Rizzuto’s may receive many orders of this size from the same plant (i.e., from different groups of workers). The plant business is very profitable for several reasons. First, a large number of pizzas can be delivered at the same time to the same location, saving transportation costs.

Second, plant orders usually involve many different toppings (double cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, hamburger) on each pizza. This results in $11 to $14 revenue per pizza. The delivery drivers also like delivering plant orders because the tips are usually $1 to $2 per pizza.

Despite the profitability of the plant orders, several factors make it difficult to serve the plant market. Rizzuto’s store is located 5 to 8 minutes from most of the plant sites, so Rizzuto’s staff must prepare the orders within 20 to 25 minutes after it receives the telephone order. Often, inadequate staff and/or oven capacity means it is impossible to get all the orders heated at the same time.

Page 624

Generally, plant workers will wait as long as 10 minutes past the start of their lunch break before ordering from various vending trucks that arrive at the plant sites during lunch breaks. (Currently, no other pizza delivery stores are in good positions to serve the plant locations and have chosen not to compete.) But there have been a few instances when workers refused to pay for pizzas that were only five minutes late! Worse yet, if the same work group gets a couple of late orders, they are lost as future customers. Cassidy believes that the inconsistent profitability of the Flint store is partly the result of such lost customers.

In an effort to rebuild the plant delivery business, Cassidy is considering various methods to ensure prompt customer delivery. She thinks that potential demand

during lunch breaks is significantly above Rizzuto’s present capacity. Cassidy also knows that if she tries to satisfy all phone or fax orders on some peak days, she won’t be able to provide prompt service and may lose more plant customers.

Cassidy has outlined three alternatives that may win back some of the plant business for the Flint store. She has developed these alternatives to discuss with Rizzuto’s owner. Each alternative is briefly described below:

Alternative 1: Determine practical capacities during peak volume periods using existing equipment and personnel. Accept orders only up to that capacity and politely decline orders beyond. This approach will ensure prompt customer service and high product quality. It will also minimize losses resulting from customers’ rejection of late deliveries. Financial analysis of this alternative—shown in Table 1—indicates that a potential daily contribution to profit of $1,230 could result if this alternative is implemented successfully. This would be profit before promotion costs, overhead, and net profit (or loss). Note: Any alternative will require several thousand dollars to reinform potential plant customers that Rizzuto’s has improved its service and “wants your business.”

Table 1 Practical Capacities and Sales Potential of Current Equipment and Personnel 11 A.M.Break

8 P.M.Break

2:30 A.M.Break

Daily Totals

Current capacity (pizzas)





Average selling price per unit

$ 12.50

$ 12.50

$ 12.50

$ 12.50

Sales potential





Variable cost (approximately 40 percent of selling price)*





Contribution margin of pizzas





Beverage sales (2 medium-sized beverages per pizza ordered at 75¢ a piece)†





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Managing Criminal Justice Organizations, law homework help

Leadership versus Management

Although leaders and managers have similar traits, leadership and management is not the same thing. For this Assignment, you will draw from your own experiences or research a criminal justice organization to provide examples of how these two concepts differ.

Write a 700–1,050-word essay explaining the differences between leadership and management. In your paper:

  • Discuss your own personal experiences with leadership and management or your research of a criminal justice organization.
  • Explain the difference between leadership and management by citing at least four real-life examples from your experience or from your research of a criminal justice organization.
  • Compare and contrast the differences between leadership and management in relation to their importance and application within an organization.
  • Explain the inter-relationship of these concepts as they apply to the success or failure of organizations.
  • Include relevant examples and research to support the explanation.
  • Cite a minimum of two sources within the body of your paper using in-text citations where appropriate.
  • Include a title and reference page.

NOTE: This Assignment will require outside research. Use at least two credible sources beyond the text material and discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used. You may consult the Kaplan Library, the Internet, the textbook, other course material, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations in APA style.

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Management in Health Care, assignment help

Assignment 1: Value Proposition in Patient Care

Paradise Hospital, Inc. is a for-profit hospital. As the facility’s new hospital administrator, you have been tasked with improving the service value of the hospital. The administration has not done this process since the hospital began operating in the year 1995. The investors are not familiar with the value proposition strategies of hospitals in the current day America.

Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

  1. Articulate the meaning of value-added service as it pertains to patient care services, and argue the major reasons why it matters to add value to patient services. Justify your response.
  2. Outline a system for identifying the functional areas in which changes might be necessary in order to improve the hospital’s service value. Recommend the key methods that you would use to acquire the information necessary to identify the specified functional areas.
  3. Specify four (4) specific areas where you believe the administration can add value in Paradise Hospital, and argue the most significant reasons why such value proposition would improve the value of services to the patients.
  4. Use four (4) recent (within the last five [5] years) quality academic resources in this assignment.
    Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as quality academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Propose methodologies that have been proven to increase value in health care delivery systems.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in health care management.
  • Write clearly and concisely about health care management using proper writing mechanics.

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Theoretical Aspects of Conspiracy Investigations-1 Preparing for trial, law homework help

Question 1

This exercise will delve into the roles of the case agent and the defense attorney. Both the case agent and the defense attorney have duties and expectations in court. We will focus on their duties and tips for the investigator during cross-examination by the defense attorney.

Describe the duties of a case agent.

Question 2

Describe the job of the defense attorney during the trial.

Question 3

Describe some things that you as the investigator should focus on during cross-examination by a defense attorney.

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security, law homework help

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has identified what is determined to be critical infrastructure assets that are designated as potentially being of terrorist interest. Although the final responsibility and mission for protecting those assets and sectors of each remains with the DHS, the initial accountability rests with local ownership and authorities.

The DHS has formulated a National Infrastructure Protection Plan to explain and describe the national responsibility. A very significant majority of the infrastructure elements are under private or corporate ownership and maintenance and must share the bulk of responsibility for protection and security under their own mission plans for security.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 3–4 pages:

What is the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)?

When was it created?

Who created it?

Why was it created? Explain.

How important is the private sector with regard to critical infrastructure protection? Why?

What types of strategies can be used for critical infrastructure protection (CIP)?

What strengths currently exist in the United States with regard to CIP? Explain.

What weaknesses still need to be addressed? Why?

How can federal agencies effectively cooperate with private sector organizations? Explain.

What types of information should be disseminated to private sector organizations that are responsible for key assets? Explain.

What types of information, if any, should be withheld from the private sector? Why?

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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Technology and Sustainability Issues , management homework help

Technology and Sustainability Issues 

Case Study :Anglo American, PLC (select the link to open the case in .pdf format)

Case Summary:

1. This case was written as a promotional piece to specifically show Anglo American in a favorable light. Conduct a research of the company for an objective view and summarize here.

2. Evaluate how technology, product, and process developments enable a large company like Anglo American to be sustainable, or not

3. Human rights is an important consideration in many facets of the mining industry. Assume you are part of the ethics committee for research and development. Discuss the various stakeholder groups and your concerns with each as they relate to human rights and technology in the mining industry.

at least 3 references and the book can be used as one.

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Performance Appraisal Relative to Productivity, business and finance homework help

Hello! Create 2 separate discussion responses for the attached write-ups and be write as if you were reviewing his or her posting in an academic journal. Your discussion response should therefore answer the following questions as applicable:

    1. Was your classmate’s reasoning articulate and logical? Were the facts correct?
    2. Was the interpretation your classmate provided reasonable and consistent with experts in the field? Did your classmate defend the choices effectively?
  1. The focus for your critical analysis is not whether or not you agree with your classmate, but how well his or her position was presented.

  2. Each response should be 250-300 words in length and is to include a minimum of two sources properly cited and referenced: (a) the Strategic Compensation textbook, and (b) an academic journal article (selected from the above listing) that is at least 3-5 pages in length and published within the last 3-5 years.


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