characteristics of bureaucracies, law homework help

1) All of the following are characteristics of bureaucracies except:

their rules are usually flexible and subject to change

they have a hierarchy chain of command

there are clear lines of authority between superiors and workers

they have a division of specialization

2) Which of the following is a way that Congress can control federal bureaucracies?

abolishing a federal program

investigating their activities

all of the answers are correct

limit their discretion

3) What function do bureaucracies serve in relation to Congress?

none of these answers

serving as the advisors for the president

serving as the advisors for Congress


4) Which of the following stemmed from the implementation of the Pendleton Act?

appointing friends and family members in civil services jobs

none of these answers

Affirmative Action

creating the spoils system

5) Which of the following provides a service that could be handled on the private sector?


independent regulatory agency


government corporations

6) All of the below are presidential methods of exercising control over bureaucracies, except:

Appointing the right people to head the agency.

Reorganizing an agency.

Appointing family and friends to fill appointments.

Issuing executive orders.

7) Rules and regulations issued by the president that have the effect of law are

independent executive agencies.

government corporations.

none of these answers.

executive orders.

8) Independent regulatory commissions are created by the president.



9) All of the following were implemented after the 1940s except:

government corporations

environmental protection agency

nuclear regulatory commission

commission on the status of women

10) The Cabinet department accounts for more than half of the federal workforce.



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