Climate Classification, environmental science homework help

Develop a Climate classification analysis and description for the weather data collection locations you were assigned:

Create a climograph for each of the locations for which you collected weather data.

Collect the monthly average temperature, monthly precipitation, latitude and longitude location, and elevation above sea level. You can find climate data (i.e., monthly temperature and precipitation data) at (Links to an external site.). The Weather Underground site is also helpful in its history and almanac section.
You may use a blank climograph form such as the one on page 160 in your lab manual (it is suggested that you use English rather than metric values) or you may can use Excel. Instructions for creating climographs using the Microsoft Office 2003 version of Excel are found on the file Creating Climographs in Excel. Your version of Excel may or may not work with these instructions. It may be easier, and is completely acceptable, to neatly plot the data by hand on a blank chart. Then scan the chart into an image file and paste that image into your document.

Using the climate data, the climographs you created, the classification descriptions in Chapter 10 of the text book, and the Koppen system described in Exercise 17 of the lab manual determine the climate classification (descriptive name and Koppen symbol) that your sites should be assigned to. Start with determining the first letter of the classification and work through to the third letter. Show /describe all of the steps you take as well as explaining how you made the decision regarding the climate your two cities should be in.
From this information, as well as the climate information portrayed in the book and any other sources you choose to use, describe, in detail,what the location is like from a climate standpoint. Note that your location may have four distinct “seasons” like we do, but again it might not. Being in the northern or southern hemisphere must be considered.An example of a classification for Florence, AL is in this module.
Examine the weather data for Weeks 7 to 14 that you collected and compare it to the monthly data you found. Remember to consider the “season” for each location during the time you collected data. Does your data fit into the climate regime? Why or why not?

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