Course Reflection-Suggestion ?, marketing homework help

Write a Course Reflection-Suggestion Paper.

Answer the following questions (500-1000 words):

– What are two things you liked about this course–what are two things you’d change?

– Identify two examples of social media (for example) being used effectively in other classes (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.). And, how would you suggest Pinterest (for example) be used in this class?

– What changes would you suggest for the team project? for this question tells how we should improve our skills how to make promotions.

here is some information about the class that will help to know what you should talking about.


Integrated Marketing is the integration of disciplines in the marketing mix, so there’s one unified message to the consumer, no matter what media or discipline is used. Marketers today have changed the way they communicate with consumers. They know they’re operating in an environment where advertising messages are everywhere, consumer’s surf past most commercials, and brands promoted in traditional ways often fail. Many advertisers are redefining the notion of what an ad is and where it runs. Messages are embedded into content or made into their own form of entertainment. The target audience marketers seek, along with the media for reaching them, have become increasingly fragmented. In this course, students will learn how leading marketers today are creating and managing their communications in an integrated fashion, with coordination of messages, positioning, and timing, all developed in support of overall brand objectives. Companies realize everything they do sends a brand message to a customer. LEARNING OBJECTIVES–OUTCOMES This course is designed to provide students with the following knowledge to:  Understand integrated marketing communications and its role in the overall marketing function  Why IMC is important in marketing today  Understand the key players in Integrated Marketing and their role in Marketing  Develop a thorough understanding of the various promotion tools and how they’re used in an IMC campaign  Compare and select various forms of media in order to achieve maximum effectiveness  Explore how various IMC problems can be addressed from case studies and practical exercises  Apply this knowledge and the learning gained through team projects

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