Create a plan to hire an employee for a position within your organization, management homework help


For this assignment, you should create a plan to hire an employee for a position within your organization to support a recent change. In this plan, you should include the following:

  • If this should be a person-task fit or a person-organization fit
  • The hiring criteria you will use to determine the right person for the job
  • The selection techniques you will use in the hiring process
  • Any recommendations about what would result in removal of the employee if he/she is not a good fit for the organization

Be sure to support your writing with at least three references. Your plan should be 3-5 pages long, well-written, and formatted according to Saudi Electronic University standards.

(I work in international school if this information helps, we do hire/ sponsor teachers/ coaches from all around the world, Major change is we start to use technology on every day bases this includes both for students and teachers/ google+, google classrooms). The professor likes us to use some informations/ facts from the chapter, so i attached the power point slides for this chapter.

Thanks in Advance.

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