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In a 2-4 page, typed, double-spaced essay, apply your decision tree to an ethical situation with which you might be faced if you were working as a behavior analyst (BCBA or IBA) in the field.   The first page must be your decision tree. Give the steps you will take when confronted with an ethical dilemma and some rationale for them. THERE IS NO TITLE. DO NOT MAKE A TITLE PAGE. The first page of your document should is your decision tree itself give the steps that you are going to take when confronted with an ethical dilemma and the rationale for them. THIS SHOULD NOT BE PARAGRAPHS. This should be either a diagram, or a visual describing what your decision tree is. It might be a flow chart or it could be a detailed bulleted list BUT THIS WILL NOT BE PARAGRAPHS OF PROSE. So the first page should be your tree    Extra points will be awarded for creativity and usefulness. Do NOT copy a published (or unpublished) decision tree word-for-word, but you are welcome to use the elements from each of them that work best for you or create elements of your own. The hope is that you will keep this decision tree for your future practice and therefore it should be by itself on one page.  The next one to three pages will be your scenario and how you apply your decision tree to the scenario. describe your ethical dilemma using first-person language (i.e. I am a BCBA and this situation happened to me . . . or I witnessed this situation . . . ). Then go through each step of the decision tree you created from page one and apply those steps to your scenario  End your paper with (1) an explanation of what you plan to do based on your decision tree and (2) how your decision tree helped you come to that decision. (Grammar, mechanics, and spelling, will be factored into grading your assignment. Must use APA Style. See the rubric for more information.) DO NOT GO OVER 4 PAGES  PLEASE CITE THE BACB ETHICS CODE AND INCLUDE THE CODE NUMBERS  

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