discussion 7: Econ #2

Background and Materials:

Title: Sick Around America


Sick Around the World


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

See pdf document under the list of readings.

How the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally

Discussion Thread Questions

How does health care in the United States compare to health care in other parts of the world?    What things do health care systems in other countries do better than the U.S.?  What things do other health care systems do worse? 

How does health care in the some parts of the United States compare to health care in other parts of the U.S.?  What things do some health care systems do better than others?  What things do some health care systems do worse?  

What can we learn from an examination of other health care systems?  What changes would you recommend for the U.S. health care system?

In order to receive full credit for this discussion, you need to (1) watch AT LEAST ONE of the two documentary videos:  Sick Around the World, or Sick Around America, (2) post an answer of at least 100 words to at least one of the questions above, and (3) post a substantive response of at least 50 words to a comment on this discussion board posted my another student. A substantive response is more than just saying you agree or disagree.  Explain why.   The goal is to motivate careful consideration and discussion of health care in the United States.  Health care is a considerable portion of U.S. federal government spending and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  Which health care services will be provided to whom and how they will be funded are important economic questions.

Please change the title of your response to reflect the main idea in the sentences that you post.

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