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The main substitutes for oil, coal, and gas energy include nuclear power, solar power, ethanol, and wind power. Fossil fuels dwarf these substitutes in global and domestic energy markets, but there is considerable public momentum to increase their utilization. Fossil fuels including coal, oil, propane and natural gas, account for more than 80% of total energy consumption in the United States (Ross). Alternative forms of energy have, to this point, proven to be an uneconomic substitute; they are less efficient and more expensive or, in the case of nuclear power, completely restricted from expanding than fossil fuels.
The U.S. has 99 nuclear power reactors that provide an estimated 20% of all domestic electrical output (Ross). Many other countries have larger concentrations of nuclear energy; France, for example, is the world’s foremost nuclear power and generates almost 80% of its electricity through nuclear (Ross). According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, nuclear power is the most effective substitute to challenge fossil fuels for future energy consumption. More importantly, nuclear power can run much more cheaply than other clean energy forms, such as solar, wind or hydropower.

Solar and wind power are two popular renewable energy sources. Most solar and wind plants have massive up-front capital costs. They also need constant backup power sources, usually electricity generated from a coal plant, in case it gets cloudy or the winds die down. The International Energy Agency estimated that consumers relied on solar and wind power for between 8 and 10% of global energy use (Ross).

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Solar energy can be a major source of renewable energy. It is not harmful to environments such as dams, and it is not dangerous to implement such as nuclear energy. Solar panels that are implemented onto a home can decrease the amount of co2 emissions down by 100 tons throughout a lifetime of use, and it has also dropped in price by 80 percent since 2008 (Solar Power Authority, 2016). I think solar power is the greatest because the only drawbacks are those that are mam-made. A lot of other renewable energy sources, not even including how dangerous fossil fuels are, are dangerous to the environment still because of the way that they are made and how they harness energy. I think that the only problem that comes from using solar power is the lack of power all at once. A diesel truck can pull a lot of weight and carry a lot because of the amount of power that is behind an explosion inside the piston of an engine. However, because electricity is not exploding, getting it to output the same amount of power may be very difficult, but I think the companies like Tesla are helping to overcome that barrier through making cars that have faster acceleration speeds than some other sports cars. In the end, I think solar power is the way that we should head towards in the future.
Solar Power Authority. (2016 August, 17). 25 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Solar Power. Retrieved from https://www.solarpowerauthority.com/25-facts-about-solar-power/.The post Discussion Response , physics homework help first appeared on Nursing School Essays.

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