Does yoga relieve stress? |

Psychology is a field that requires curiosity. We wonder about humans and their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and then try to figure out what’s going on. In this 4-part “I’ve Always Wondered” Project, you get to (eventually) answer one of those questions you’ve always had about humans.For this assignment, you will:PART 1) Ask 2 questions + reference relevant sections of your textbookFIRST: Be curious and ask two college-level questions about human behavior and/or mental processes. Make sure these questions are focused on topics you are interested in, as you will be working with one of these questions for the rest of the quarter.College-level questions ARE open-ended, debatable, and require critical thinking. They are NOT definitional (ex. What is a neuron?) or closed-ended (can be answered with a single word or phrase, or with a YES or NO answer: ex. Does yoga relieve stress?)

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