economic issue, writing homework help

The paper

  1. Economic issue
    • Why is it an economic problem?
    • Where is the trade off?
    • Make it clear in introduction
  2. Social importance
    • Why important?
    • What part of society affected?
  3. Economic principles (Mankiw principles: opportunity cost, marginal reasoning)
    • The body of your essay has to be guided using economic principles.
    • Use economic principles to argue the point.
    • Diagrams are a plus but not mandatory
    • Conclusion: summary of main argument
  4. Sources
    • 5 academic sources
      • journal articles (American economic review, quarterly journal of economics, rand journal of economic)
      • text books
      • articles published by economists
      • use citations properly (consistent)
  5. Clarity
    • grammar, spelling
    • argumentative
    • avoid subjective sentences

requirement: 5-7 pages, citation.

The rubric is in the files, please see it carefully.

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