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I do believe that we as humans should be concerned with the extinction rate.
We all learned about ecosystems in elementary school, and we can all probably agree upon the importance about them.  With the rapid expansion of housing units and the ever growing city sizes and human population growing, we aren’t just knocking out 1 or 2 species here and there.  There are some countries where entire ecosystems are being destroyed.  This is due to emissions, trash and waste pollutions, the destruction of forests and rivers.  When these things happen, and an entire ecosystem goes down… that has a permanent effect on not just one or two species of animals… but sometimes tens to hundreds.  Not to mention plant species and trees.  When the homes of animals are destroyed, that affects more than just that one species.  But further up the food chain as well, and the other animals that rely on that animal as either a food source or other means. 
Our reading tells us about the Aral Sea in central Asia.  In the 50s, water was diverted from it to use for feeding crops all over Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.  Over the years, it went from being one of the largest lakes on Earth, to virtually nothing now. Because of human interaction, we killed off 100s of species of fish that lived there. 
We should defiantly strive to protect biomes.  This needs to be accomplished by opening up protected areas of the environment, like National Parks.

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