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Strategic Planning (Discussion Post and Reply)

Part One: Discussion Post

How would you grade Rasmussen’s strategic planning (using A through F)? Explain your rationale. Things to consider in your research and evaluation might be their academic goals for students, recruitment and enrollment objectives, course curriculums, degree programs, online learning versus classroom framework, and faculty development.

Part Two: Reply to this post

This is my third term with Rasmussen. I did attend college a short time many years ago but this is the first time online. I was very nervous about attempting online courses. But so far it has been a good experience thanks to Rasmussen’s support.

From what I have experienced so far Rasmussen has many strengths. The first one that I think of is the staff. This includes instructors, advisors, financial aid, and the library staff. The instructors have been extremely helpful and thorough in their lectures. Whenever I have needed assistance they have been prompt returning a message or an email. Many of my assignments that I have had the instructors listed not only where I could improve but also my strengths.

Another strength to me is the resources that they have to offer. For example, all the library resources. I hadn’t used APA style in the past so the guide they have available through the library was extremely useful. Also, I found NoodleBib to be an awesome resource. I would highly recommend using it for citations!

One more strength of Rasmussen is the 5 1/2 week classes. I have to admit that it has taken me a while to adjust to them but now that I am used to it I enjoy them. They do go fast but not to the point I can’t keep up. It will help me to receive my degree quicker.

I haven’t encountered many weaknesses with Rasmussen. I have, however, struggled with the time commitment of the classes. I am a mother of two very active boys so at times keeping up with the reading and studying can be a bit difficult. I am sure that is normal for any college. Being that a lot of their students probably are working full time and possibly parents this is an area that they may want to consider looking at in the future.

Some external factors that may effect Rasmussen is the surrounding schools. They will want to be competitive with the degrees they offer, the tuition costs, and more online courses. They may want to consider their “target” student, What type of student are they wanting to attract and how do they do that.

In all I would give Rasmussen an A in their strategic planning. I feel they have done a nice job planning ahead and anticipating what future will need and want within a school.

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