Forestry is an important sector within the Australian economy. The Australian Department of…

Assessment and Submission DetailsMarks: 40 % of the Total Assessment for the CourseDue Date Report: Friday Week #11 on BlackboardAssignments are to be submitted by SafeAssign.DO NOT SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT TO THECOURSE CO-ORDINATOR OR TUTOR.The assignment will be marked out of a total of 100 marks. Once marked, ALL assignments will be checked for plagiarism and/or collusion between individuals. Please remember this assignment is an individual task and must be your own work.Refer to your Course Outline or the Course Web Site for a copy of the “Student Misconduct, Plagiarism and Collusion” guidelines.Note: Each student MUST be able to produce a copy of their assignment and this copy MUST be produced within 24 hours of it being requested by the Course Co-ordinator. Failure to produce the second copy of the assignment when requested may result in loss of marks or a fail grade for the assignment.Requests for an extension to an assignment extension MUST be made prior to the date of submission and requests made on the day of submission or after the submission date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please note because this assignment forms the basis of the next task extensions will not be given without documented medical evidence off inability to work.Case Study: Australian Tree Corp.Background:Forestry is an important sector within the Australian economy. The Australian Department of Agriculture estimates the industry generates $23 billion in income and employs over 70,000 individuals. [Source:]You are a consultant working for a company named Australian Tree Corp. (ATC). This company is a large owner of varied forested estates in Western Australia – they grow and sell trees. Their holdings include some 200,000 ha of land and they harvest the tree crop on a cycle of about 10,000 ha per year (or nearly 5 million trees a year!). They grow Australian Pine. They have traditionally just been a grower of trees (planting, maintaining) and outsourced all other elements of the supply chain including logistics (cutting, transport, processing) and manufacturing of a product. An example of some forestry business components and supply chain elements is listed below:

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