Globalization and Civilization, economics assignment help

Base on these PDF files, each question need 200-300 words.

My first question is below:

From Kiggundu’s reading, I want each of you to provide a functional but comprehensive definition of globalization. Comment also on the validity of Kiggundu’s Center Periphery conceptualization of globalization. Finally, comment on what globalization means to you relative to your studies in the MPrS degree program.

My second question is below:

It appears from Redner’s chapter and the work of other globalization theorists, that globalization and the concept of civilization are in conflict. At best, civilization is sometimes seen as a shared consciousness driven by consumerism. At worse, the position is sometimes taken that globalization produces human alienation from the ideal conception of what civilization is (or was).

I want you to discuss, based on your readings, what you see as civilization; what you see as the relationships between globalization and civilization and, finally, what you think will be the outcome of globalization on civilization.

My Third Question

Although we can certainly debate this point, I want to proceed with my final question by throwing out some domain assumptions based on the Redner and Kiggundu chapters: Globalization, moving as it does from the center to the periphery 1 and periphery 2 zones, is impressing upon the world the ideas, values and practices of industrial capitalism, a formal-legal-rational system of governance, an appreciation of science and, most certainly, a strong emphasis on education and life-long learning.

Your reply needs to present a discussion of whether you agree or disagree with what I’ve expressed as a domain assumption. In short, is globalization really doing this? If globalization is doing these things, discuss what the future holds for global citizens. If you think globalization is not doing these things, explain what it is doing and then discuss what the future holds for global citizens given your explanation of what globalization is doing.

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