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You are the incident commander investigating an explosion that has occurred in a suburban mall complex. There are approximately 50–60 dead and over 100 injured. An investigation results in the determination that a gas line had been leaking natural gas into the original basement that had been sealed when the mall was renovated. During a renovation project where a fountain was being installed, a welder broke through the old basement seal with a burning welding torch in his hand, resulting in the explosion.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) detail arrives and relates that they are interested in helping but do not want to assume command. You welcome the assistance and find that none of the FBI personnel have victim-handling skills for mass disasters. You will have to develop a formal protocol to train the FBI personnel.

First, it is important to understand that the category of victim and the type of incident will indicate the methods used in handling the victims.

Example: During a bank robbery with a large number of hostages, a negotiator gets the robbers to free the hostages, who come running unharmed out of the bank. Police immediately make the hostages kneel with their hands up. They systematically search and handcuff each one of the hostages. While this behavior seems insensitive, it is done in each case because robbers could realize their predicament and attempt to escape pretending to be one of the hostages. All of the victims/hostages would have to be positively identified as not being a robber prior to release.

Your presentation to the FBI will include the following:

Address the following in a formal protocol of 7–9 pages (remember, a protocol is detailed description of procedures and steps).

What is the protocol for determining if the cause of the incident is criminal or not? Explain.

How would you be required to act with regard to victim management if the situation were determined to be criminal? Explain.

If criminal acts are suspected, how would you identify the true victims from possible suspects? Explain.

What is the protocol for determining if there is any further danger in the scene? Explain.

What equipment and personnel are needed to remove the danger?

What equipment and personnel are needed to affect rescues of trapped victims?

What equipment and personnel are needed for on-site triage of victims?

What is the protocol to identify and manage those in need of immediate medical assistance? Explain.

This includes persons who are in shock or acting out of character.

What types of potential behaviors should you look for to identify traumatized victims?

What methods will you use to reconcile the traumatized survivors with normally recognized behavior? Explain in detail.

How would you obtain field interviews for follow-up later from victims who may be potential witnesses? Explain.

How can this be applied to those who have experienced significant psychological trauma? Explain.

How would you establish a notification and meeting assembly point for victims and their loved ones? Explain.

What is the protocol for establishing a temporary morgue unit for fatalities and identification of the dead by family members? Explain.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Next, you will have to create a guide for reducing stress among first responders.

Address the following in a guide of 3–4 pages:

What are the most stressful factors of the above event for first responders? Explain.

How can first responder stress be prevented prior to the event response? Explain in detail.

What can be done to reduce stress in first responders after the response operations have been completed? Explain in detail.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

This assignment will also be assessed using additional criteria provided here.

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