Interogation of juveniles . | Nursing School Essays

This is “RESEARCH PAPER “not a regular formal paper . Interogation of juveniles should teens be tried as adults
Introduction: explain the topic
Part 1: Explain historical issues
Part 2: address the internal and external stakeholders how they contribute to both problems and solutions in crime and criminology. For example who is being effective by the actions, who is the most influence by these actions . Basically says that corporations have to be responsible in various degrees.
Part 3: Explain data and information that is collected while conducting the research of the topic narrow it down for example  juveniles vs. Tennessee case. Should a parent be present when speaking with an officer, Standards for juvenile wavier, Racial bias issues in juvenile justice system, the fight on if teenager committed murdering how were they tried as adult.  Discuss how these cases on how it is related to crime and criminology.  
Part 4: discuss the outcome of this research what are some things that needs to be made to help Juveniles 

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