Leadership and Management Reflection Paper

In this assignment, you will be answering questions based on your previous clinical or work experiences as well as reflections on your time as a Team Leader.  This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade.  Each question is to be answered fully with evidence of thought and examples provided.  A portion of your grade will be based on grammatical correctness.  You must answer each question in a sentence and paragraph format, not bullets.  This assignment is due ONE WEEK AFTER YOUR TEAM LEADER ASSIGNMENT IN CLINICAL.  There is no minimum or maximum length of the response paper, but you must answer each question thoroughly.  You may answer the questions directly in this document or attach a separate document into the Google Classroom assignment. Please use Google Docs for this assignment; no PDFs or Word will be accepted. No submissions will be accepted by email or sharing of documents.  This assignment evaluates your understanding and application of the following Student Learning Outcomes: Professionalism, Quality Improvement, and Safety.The rubric reflects the thoroughness of your answers.  There is no right or wrong answer with the actual content, as this is a reflection assignment, but each question needs to be answered in full sentence/paragraph format with depth of thought demonstrated.  The purpose of this assignment is to identify professional nursing leadership, safety, and quality traits you have seen in practice as well as giving consideration to your future LPN role.Late submissions will have 5 points taken off per day per the Student Handbook policy, and will not be accepted after one week.  If the assignment is not completed within one week, as per the policy, the student will fail the course.  This assignment is worth 10% of your overall Care of the Elderly grade. Think of a current or previous manager(s) from your work experiences.  This does not need to be a manager from a healthcare role, but rather any manager you have had.  Answer the following questions based on that manager(s).  It can be based on more than one person.  Describe a management quality that you felt contributed to a positive work environment.  What style of management was utilized?Describe a management quality that you felt contributed to a negative or conflicted work environment.  What style of management was utilized?How could the situation or environment in answer 1b be handled differently for a more positive outcome?Would you describe this manager as purely a manager or also a leader?  Explain your answer.Picture yourself working in a rehab unit after graduation (similar to those you experienced this year)  You will be responsible for leading/directing CNAs.   Thinking back to the nurses you have worked with at clinical:Think about what type of job/role you are hoping to obtain after graduation.Now think about the time you spent as Team Leader.What type of leadership style did you utilize?  Explain.Describe your strengths as team leader utilizing this style.  Give examples.Describe your weaknesses as a team leader utilizing this style.  Give examples.What are the future implications of your weaknesses?  In other words, if you don’t change, what would happen? Identify how your weaknesses could impact quality of care initiatives.What are some possible solutions to strengthen your weaknesses as a leader?Thinking back to the examples of previous experiences with managers/leaders you already provided; Do you think these previous experiences directly affected your performance as Team Leader?  Why or why not?

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