Lesser Antillles Case Study, management homework help

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This case study has to be done by another group, but we need to make like a summary , min 5 pages.
Please read carrefully the format for cases and the questions for calculations…
Case 32: Lesser Antilles Lines

Predatory Pricing Make Sense or Not? Price Considerations in a

Duopoly. Equilibrium Pricing. Price Leadership. Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Does Market Share Play into the Pricing?

You should have a

cover sheet, min 5 pages of text, a reference page (12 point Times New

Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins).

Mini-cases: To

effectively comment, you must read and analyze all cases being

presented, form your own opinion and submit a 2-3 page summary of each

case that is not assigned to your group.

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