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you have to do this problem on excel please provides notes or points about every step and how you did it?

Product Mix Problem •

We have four products products – Flats ($20 profit) – Heels ($30 profit – Wedges ($25 profit) – Sandals ($5 profit)

More about the problem…

• Flats require – 2 square feet of leather

• Heels require – 2.8 square feet of leather, 1.2 lbs. of cork

• Wedges require– 1 2 square feet of leather, 2 lbs. of cork

• Sandals Require of heels – 0.8 square feet of Leather, 1 5. lbs of rubber

> you must make at least 10 of each

> • You must make 2 flats for each set of heels

Find Out • How many do we make? • What happens when our constraints change? • What happens if the objective function coefficient changes?

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