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Management and Organisational Behaviour – Assignment 1

Assignment Brief

For this assignment you are required to:

  1. Select one of the following paired areas below associated with Part 2 of the Human Dimension of the programme. Using theories and models from your research critically appraise and evaluate their relationship to Motivation at work.

  • Personality and individual differences

  • Attitudes and job satisfaction ” I need you to write about this”

  1. Analyse the impact that your selected topic will have on an employee’s motivation at work (include a relevant motivation model or theory) and to the Organisational Behaviour.

The assignment should be in report format and written in a persuasive style that includes critical analysis from relevant literature and research.

Submission Requirements

Your assignment must be submitted in report format, via Turnitin, by 16 December 2016. Familiarise yourself with the writing, structure and presentation of reports and the referencing of material. Your report should not exceed 2,500 – 3000 words in length, excluding the appendices and the reference list. Appendices should however be used sparingly.

All references to both academic literature and other published sources must be attributed using the Harvard referencing system, which must be used accurately. 

Improper citations or plagiarism will result in work being referred to the School Academic Misconduct Officer who will make a decision about any penalties that may be applied to the grade.

Learning outcomes

This assignment covers learning outcomes:

A, B, C, D and H

Assessment Criteria

Your assignment will be assessed against the postgraduate marking scheme;

  • Achievement of the Assessment Brief (To what extent does the work address the task set?) (25%)

  • Content & Analysis (45%)

  • Structure, Presentation & expression.(15%)

  • Referencing (15%)

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