Media Representation, Complete Research Project Presentation help

TIME LIMIT – all presentations should be between 6-7 minutes.

LITERATURE REVIEW – Briefly mention the three academic articles or books

you reviewed early in the semester. This should be the shortest part of

the presentation because your findings and your voice matters the most.

You want to explain the argument of the author and how they support

that argument. So you can do something like this: Jones states that Muslim women are misrepresented in film. They are always seen as a passive victim or as in need of white femininity to save them. To support this Jones watched and deconstructed three films that featured a Muslim protagonist or supporting character. Similarly,Navarro found television also portrays Muslim women as in need of

saving. This finding came from the content analysis of seven sitcoms that aired from ….

To do this: Break your literature review (Attach File) up into three short, three

sentence paragraphs. Sentence one – the argument (how are people

portrayed if portrayed at all). Sentence two – support (what media did

the author consume or discuss in their work). Sentence three – short

details (for example, one scene discussed by Navarro details ….). KEEP


You can choose to create a PowerPoint however you see fit.. I recommend

using images on the PowerPoint and quotes or short statements. Too much

text on a PP distracts the audience from what you are saying.


So, I can’t really give a template here given that this will vary based

on topic. However, you should analyze THREE DIFFERENT PIECES OF MEDIA

here. If I were working with the representation of Muslim women I would

choose three different films, television shows, magazine ads, etc… to

analyze. Ask yourself the following questions:

1: Does your analysis support the previous literature? If Muslim women

are shown as passive in the media you consume you want to tell me HOW

this is conveyed. Is it angle? Lighting? Scripting? Body language? Think

critically here. Provide details. Remember I am always saying SHOW

DON’T TELL. Don’t tell me that misrepresentation occurred, provide vivid

detail that shows me how it occurred.

2: Do you find something new? Did your analysis bring up something not

covered in the reading? Ok, that’s great. Name it. Explain how it is

different from the literature you just reviewed for us.

NOTE:: I strongly recommend narrowing your focus here. What I mean is

that, if you are going to talk about film or television, pick ONE SCENE

FROM EACH. That’s it. Otherwise you are going to over-saturate yourself.

If you are looking at the news pick only three different news stories.

Don’t overdo it.

This is the section where you put that media literacy to work.

You’ll want examples here on your PowerPoint – pictures, screenshots, quotes, etc… Show us what you are seeing.

PART III – Suggestions. Again, this is very brief. What can the media do

better? I recommend putting those suggestions in text on the slide and

quickly going over them.

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