HiltonWorldwide has asked you to assessthe threat of Airbnb.Please prepare a 5-6 page report that
includes a description of both Hilton and Airbnb’s business model, as well as discuss customer demands
and profiles of users. The company’s management also asks that you make a recommendation as to best
handle the appeal of Airbnb, and how to potentially reach millennials another potential users of Airbnb.
Team in order to help you get off on the right track in understanding the demands of case analysis I am
providing you with this memo for the Airbnb in 2016. First, I require that you answer the case questions. These
questions should assist you in the proper use of tools of strategic analysis. DO NOT USE THEM AS A
CRUTCH. You are provided a series of questions that once adequately addressed will allow you to provide an
in-depth case analysis.
Please use this format below;
1. Major problems and issues
2. Analysis
3. Recommendations
After you answer the questions, you need to put them into the context of the outline above.
Your paper should be double-spaced with a cover sheet indicating each student’s name, date, class, and
instructor’s name.
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