Monism vs. Dualism | Nursing School Essays

For this week’s forum, watch the video 
and reference the course textbook to respond to the following:
 For many centuries, philosophers have attempted to answer questions regarding the roles of the mind and body and their interactions with each other. Provide an analysis of the debate between the theories of dualism and monism. Choose the theory you believe to be most credible. Support your perspective with research and everyday examples. In addition to this week’s assigned textbook readings you may draw on scholarly online resources. The latter must be academic in nature (e.g. from the APUS online library) and not from commercial websites, blogs, opinion publications, etc. All sources on which posts are based must include correctly APA formatted source crediting in the body of the posts and in References lists attach to post ends. The assignment needs to be APA format with a 400 word minimum. Original work. No plagiarism 

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