Need health and medical help with a 4 to 5 page Literature review for ” Capacity Utilization Plan”.

Assignment comments:
Action Plan
In Exhibit 3.1 on page 53 of the textbook, there is a diagram of the Healthcare Strategic Planning Process.  The final row of the exhibit addresses Action Plan (Performance measures).  Students will be assigned to one of the topics below for this assignment.
Signs, Symbols and Artifacts

Student Assignment (Last name begins with)                

 A through F
 Capacity Utilization Plan

 G through L
 Marketing Plan

 M through R
 Employee Retention Plan


 S through Z
Signs, Symbols and Artifacts

Part I: Complete a literature review of a minimum of five scholarly articles published within the past three years, regarding best practice for your assigned topic. Summarize each article, and identify and summarize the key components for successful implementation of the key components.  For example, for the utilization plan, readmission rates would be a critical component.
Part II: For your assigned topic, develop a data dictionary that includes:

Data element

Source of data

Data format (Alpha, numeric or alpha numeric)

Reason for data element

Your paper should be a minimum of four to five pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages, and formatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. The five scholarly sources are excluding the textbook and articles included in this course.

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