Nursing and the Aging Family X 3 (Due: 24 hours)

You must answer the 3 questions 3 times. You must submit 3 documents (each one 1 page), in each one you must answer the 3 questions. Copy and paste will not be admitted. You should address the questions with different wording, different references, but always, objectively answering the questions.
1) **********minimum 1 full pages per document= total 3 pages ( not words)**************************** (cover or reference page not included) 
2)¨**********APA norms  ( All paragraphs need to be cited properly. All responses must be in a narrative format)
3)********** It will be verified by Turnitin and SafeAssign***************** 
4) **********References from the last 5 years  
5) The points don’t be must copied in the work. It must be identified by numbers. 
Question(s): Technological advances hold promises for improving quality of life, decreasing need for personal care assistance, and enhancing independence and ability to live safely.
1) Choose one of the technologies mentioned in your textbook and discuss / explain it:
Choose one for each answer
Smart Homes
2) Please, support your answer with a research study
3) Is there any research study of technological innovation related with your topic that promises advantages in the future of healthcare? 
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