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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is defines as a federal agency created in 1970 under the US Department Of Labor to establish and enforce standards and laws for working conditions in commercial and industrial sectors. Its recommendations and guidelines are followed in many other countries also. The propose of OSHA are followings –

·  Ensure the safety and health conditions of working people by framing and monitoring the standard procedures at work place.

·  OSHA sets standards and requirements for the employers based on workplace research and input from technical experts, employers, unions and other stakeholders.

·  To help employers adhere to its standards and requirements, OSHA offers training and tools to educate employers and employees.

·  In their training OSHA explain the procedures, equipment and training that employers and workers must use to reduce hazards and ensure safety measures specific to the employers’ workplace and workers’ jobs.

·  If some violation from OSHA’s standard happens in that case OSHA can issue fines for the violations and if it required they refer violators for criminal prosecution.

·  OSHA can also take the preventive measures and identify possible causes for job-related injuries, deaths and illnesses.

One of the possible strategies to reduce OSHA violations in an industry or in the organization is awareness programs for the employees so that they can be fully aware about their rights. OSHA is already doing that but this initiative should be at a larger scale and at regular time interval so that the new employees joining the work force can get the information early as in many cases they are the first target of these types of conditions. The second strategy to reduce OSHA violations is better job creation otherwise in need of a job employees will be forced to work in hazards condition where their safety and health will take a back seat.

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