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Personal Leadership/Ethics Statement

Now that you have written your personal strategic plan, you will write a personal leadership/ethics statement based on the resources provided below. It should be 3–5 pages long excluding the cover and reference pages. Use a minimum of three sources for your paper. Please include your MBTI type found in , the ethics approaches your type is likely to use when dealing with dilemmas (mandala, below), and a discussion regarding the ethics theories (theories listed according to type under the mandala) most applicable to you and how you believe you will use them when faced with an ethics-based question in your workplace or personal life. You will need to research the ethics theory associated with your MBTI, and write about the theory’s application in your personal and professional life using appropriate citations. In addition, please pick a culture different from your own (refer to Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions,… and briefly explain how your leadership/ethics approach may alter in that venue.

Source: Geert Hofstede. Retrieved from

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