reflection on the company portrayed by journalists , business and finance homework help

Section B (1000 words) .You are required to select a company quoted on the FTSE 250 index

1. Research the webpage for any information about the company’s performance or any news that has an impact on their performance.

2. Then critically have a reflection on the company portrayed by journalists and other financial reports, please make sure you reference where you got the information.

3. An evaluation of the corporate governance of the company. Identify the number Directors what their position are, Non -Executive Directors, Independent, Female, Ethnic background and how the diversity of this board structure contribute to the organisation, address the UK code of governance 2014.

4. Identify the asset value per share and the current market share price and assess whether or not your selected company represents an investment opportunity.

You can use the FTSE sector classification (Link available below) to identify companies within their sectoral classifications.… It is essential that all sources of information are correctly referenced using the Harvard system

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