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Action Memo (2-3 pages)
Write an Action Memo recommending support or opposition for planning and taking steps to build a continental renewable grid for North America for ONE of the following:
·  From staff of the Safe Energy environmental group to Executive Director of the organization.
·  From staff of regional large distribution utility to the CEO of the utility.
The memo should account for triple bottom line issues, the economic, the ecological, and the social. Use the following reference materials and course resources as a starting point (MUST be included in the references and MUST be used as well as external resources).

1.The Economics of Renewable Energy: Evidenceby Derek Birkett (2008) pages 231–233. (Link: )

2.Wind Holds Key to European Supergridby James Murray (2009) (Link: )

3.  Building a Continental Renewable Supergrid by Roy Morrison. (Link: )

If the links didn’t open, please let me know.

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