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In a 3 page analytical essay, describe the significance of the “Old West.” Where is the Old West, and who lives there? What factors pushed peoples to move to this part of the country, and how did they fare after their arrival? Finally, why was Hollywood so invested in telling the story of the West, and was this portrayal accurate? Be sure to use and cite specific examples from the textbook.
Formatting: 1) Double spaced, times new roman font 12pt, one-inch margins 2) Paper is to be 3 pages 3) Indent new paragraphs
Grammar: 1) Be formal – e.g. no contractions, slang, jargon, colloquialisms, etc. 2) Do not use repetitive language 3) Watch for typographical errors, tenses, and point of view 4) Use past tense
Content: 1) Thesis Statement – Begin your essay with a clear and identifiable argument 2) Structure – The essay should have an introduction and conclusion as well as a clear and logical sequence of topics 3) Sources – The only sources that should be used in this paper should come from the textbook – (citations required from the text) 4) Make sure to use your own words
Quoting/Citing: • Use at least 2 quotations from the text to support your argument – • Cite parenthetically, e.g. “I do not like them Sam-I-am. I do not like green eggs and ham.”
Book Name : Give me Liberty by Erick Forntner (Chapter 16)

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