​Transgenic Organisms, biology homework help

Transgenic Organisms
The development of transgenic organisms is an established technique in many laboratories. A transgenic organism is an organism that includes DNA from another organism in the cells of its body. This DNA is not only present, but it is also read by the cell’s transcriptionally machinery and is translated into a protein.

In your own words, explain the process of creating a transgenic organism.
What are some of the benefits of creating transgenic organisms?
What are some of the risks of creating transgenic organisms?
Share some examples of transgenic organisms you found in your research.

What species are used as the recipient of the transgene?
What species was the source of the transgene DNA?
Has human DNA been used as a transgene in another species?

What is the significance of the transgene being present in the germ cells of the organism?
The jellyfish gene for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) is frequently used as a transgene in many organisms.

What are the benefits of using GFP DNA?
What are some examples of transgenic organisms that have been developed using GFP?

Various foods have been genetically modified and are frequently referred to as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

What are the benefits of GMOs?
What are the risks of GMOs?
Do you recommend that food labels indicate the presence of a GMO? Why or why not?

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